Air-cooled in Oregon (Where it's Cool)

Porsche 911SC near Mount hood OR

“Actually, it makes a lot of sense to ship a car halfway across the country so I can drive it in a different place for the summer.” 

The words sound absurd even as I’m saying them, but by the fifth or sixth run-through, my denial and confidence grow to the point where I have no trouble believing the line. 

Oregon is a beautiful place to drive. Thanks to my friend Daniel Sloan, I’ve gotten to see the far reaches of the Beaver State (actual nickname) on nearly a dozen road trips over the years. When he offered to garage my 911SC for the summer, so I could experience Oregon from behind my own familiar steering wheel, it seemed like a fun plan. Plus, I’d be beating the sweltering Texas heat, which is generally unpleasant in a 40+ year-old car with a lot of glass and no AC to speak of. 

Plans were made, a car was delivered, and over the last weekend in June, I joined Daniel and a group of friends on a birthday weekend in Summer Lake, Oregon. 

With highs in the 70s (°F) and lows in the 40s, it was just what I needed. With non-existent internet and nowhere to be, the weekend was relaxing and laid-back, but there was still time for a few activities, with visits to the Paisley Caves, Fort Rock, and the Summer Lake Wildlife Area.

There and back, plus a lengthy photo detour on the return trip, came out to about 700 miles, and, honestly, I was thrilled for just about every one of them. Seeing these familiar and unfamiliar roads out of the Porsche 911 windshield was a treat that I couldn’t get over. I look forward to going back.  

Porsche 911SC driving near La Pine, ORSummer Lake Hot Springs in OregonPhoenix Yellow BMW E46 M3 in Summer Lake ORBird watching at Summer Lake Wildlife AreaRuf Yellow Bird911 SC outside Paisley, OregonOutside Paisley, OregonExploring Paisley Caves

Summer Lake Hot Springs911SC1980 Porsche 911SC1980 Porsche 911SCDaniel Sloan outside Fort Rock, ORDriving past Fort Rock, OR911SC in Madras Oregondials while driving in OregonDriving through OregonShaniko, OregonPorsche 911 SC (Grand Prix White) and BMW E46 M3 (Phoenix Yellow)Car wash 911 SC

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  • Always appreciate the stories and especially the photos.

    I’m thinking seriously about escaping the August of Texas. Maybe Alaska.

    Stay cool.

    James Wilder

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