Austin, Texas to Portland, Oregon in a BMW 7 Series


I wanted to share a more complete photoset of images from the drive from Austin the Portland with Daniel Sloan in his BMW E38. It’s hard to believe that was just over a month ago, in early March. This drive took us over two thousand miles, with overnight stops in Tucumcari, New Mexico (Day 1), Page, Arizona (Day 2), and Winnemucca, Nevada (which I repeatedly called “Willemucca”; Day 3), before wrapping up in Portland, OR. Portland is where Daniel lives and where we deposit all the out-of-state BMWs from these trips.

As we maybe should have expected, we encountered all types of weather, but otherwise the trip went smoothly as can be. (To see more about how these trips get planned, check out the video about that if you haven’t already.) I’m glad we took a route we did — almost all of it was new to me, and Monument Valley and the Little A'Le'Inn were both stops I’ve wanted to make for years.

With Coronavirus looming over our future indefinitely, trips like this may be unfeasible for a while, so I'm glad we got this one in just under the wire. I’ll have the memories and the photos from this trip to hold me over until the next one, whenever that is. 

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