Switching to Mirrorless

In the past, I have bought a new camera body once every 4-5 years years. But this year… I’ve bought two cameras. Today I’m going to talk about what prompted this switch, and how it has impacted the way I work.

You could watch anyone do a camera review, but I’m going to give you some observations based on real world experience, shooting over 18,000 photos with these cameras.

I’ll cover some of the main benefits I’ve noticed, which are:
1. Video
2. Stabilization
3. Native Live view
4. Screen quality
5. Speed

A mirrorless camera isn’t going to make you a better photographer, and your pictures aren’t going to be dramatically better. But there are some convenience things that make it nicer, making your quality of life a little better, and you might gain a few capabilities, such as more usable video, that will make you more marketable as a photographer. 

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