Kia EV6: The Photographer Review

What is a photographer’s review? Is this just a contrived way of doing new car content on my car photography channel? Maybe! I look at practical (and some niche) things, like ease of use, maneuverability, cargo access, how it photographs, and how it drives.

The Kia EV6 is a new electric vehicle that boasts up to 310 miles of range, and stylish design, in a wagon-like crossover form factor. Currently, there aren’t a lot of appealing-looking EVs from non-luxury brands, but that is changing quickly, and Kia aims to make its mark on that segment with the EV6.

I was invited to drive the EV6 around Napa, California, and I’ll give you some insights into the driving, usability, and design of the Kia EV6, based on how I used the car — as a photographer.

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