Bring-A-Trailer Tips and Tricks for 2022

I recently made two videos about Bring a Trailer. Ways to stand out, and what I've learned. 

Ways to Stand out on BaT

There are 470 auctions on Bring-A-Trailer at the time of this recording. Next week there will be 470 different listings. So what can you do to make your listing stand out? Originally, this video was going to be me identifying what I think will be "Bring a Trailer photo trends for 2022," but as I got into it, I quickly realized …these aren’t trends. The vast majority of listings on the site are going to look similar to one another, inevitably, because they’re all showing …cars from the front three-quarter angle view, and there’s only so much you can do to mix that up.

What I learned from Shooting 7,500 BaT Photos

It's been 18 months since my previous guide to shooting Bring-A-Trailer photo sets. Since then, I have shot something like 25 listings, and I've adjusted and fine tuned my process a little bit. So I thought I would do an update on what I think are good techniques for shooting car listings in 2022.  


  • Thank you for so generously and efficiently sharing your tips with excellent examples. Also, loved the organizational suggestions for managing the galleries. And yes, the tripod. Once a staple, but so often neglected in recent times.

    Randesign Studio
  • Awesome trailer photo editing is really important for business improvement.


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